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Help for Troublesome Projects

Projects in trouble will be behind programme and/or losing money or with the potential to lose money.

Most of the problem is likely to have been caused by poor quality information, poor distribution of the information and of course the information not being produced on time.

We try to work with the existing design team:

  • Access the project construction and design programme, refocusing to avoid further losses and create a recovery programme
  • Remove blockages in the information flow
  • Provide an action plan to maintain the programme

Troublesome Projects (cont)

  • Auditing the design and reporting on the design output quality
  • Audit the design programme and report on the risks and potential issues
  • Report on the construction programme, reporting on design alignment with various packages, considering future problems
  • Refocusing the production of information, the co-ordination of the information and the quality of the design information produced.
  • Carefully reporting against the recovery programme
  • Design is not independent or isolated, it needs to develop with the Contractor’s supply chain.


Everybody knows what tendering is, and indeed how to tender. But have you ever considered how much has changed over the last thirty years. Have you updated your procedures as construction procurement changed, are you at the cutting edge? Or are you missing opportunities?

  • How do you produce better tenders
  • How to increase your win ratio
  • How to increase your profit margin
  • How to break into new markets

Design Management

Even though the Contractor has a well-established design management team, there could be a type of project that is new to them, or there could have been an unforeseen problem with design information production, all of which could leave the team needing some support, a helping hand.

With over 30 years’ experience of design management covering many sectors, we are ideally placed to offer support in the form of a consultant design manager. We can help you check contracts, appointments, the Design Responsibility Matrix, Information Release Schedules etc.

As modern young design managers start in the profession, they often do not have the site experience of their predecessors, we can offer a mentoring service to young design managers, helping them develop their own thinking patterns and ways of behaving with their more senior construction counterparts.

Design Management (cont)

Contractors use drawings but do not produce them. We can provide tuition on what makes a good/bad drawing, better communication methods and “what is in a set of drawings?”

How to get the best out of your consultants.

Design management can include:

  • Consultant appointments
  • Collateral warranties
  • Design Responsibility Matrix
  • Information Release Schedules
  • Master IRS if required
  • Risk
  • Progress monitoring
  • Planning
  • Building Control

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