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A Construction Client can be defined as “a party who carries out or assigns others to carry out construction, demolition or building works”. The Construction Client is responsible for interpreting and translating the users’ needs, expectations and desires into requirements and pre-requisites for the construction project.

For the professional Construction Client who is regularly engaged in construction projects, the Construction Client function is a well-defined part of the organisation.

However, we recognise that ‘one-off Clients’ will often require assistance and support to execute their Client responsibilities. We also recognise that, for a variety of reasons, even professional Construction Clients will often experience a need or demand for external consultant support. We have tailored a Construction Client service to support professional or ‘one-off’ Construction Clients.

We can help at the Project Determination Stage; working with you to identify goals and requirements and translate these into construction terms before moving to the Project Realisation Stage; where we help clients engage consultants and contractors for design and construction and help manage the execution of the project

Review and Advice on the design solutions proposed for your project

Over 30 years’ experience of design and construction, gained from working with some of the best clients, developers, tenants, architects and consultants, gives an unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of the process. Whether it’s working on listed buildings or managing the construction of a complex new build, we have the experience to help the team deliver your project on time and on budget.

We can assess and provide a critique on the design of your project, checking that the design complies with the brief.

Advice on the Contractor’s programme

A Contractor will be tempted to offer the programme that he believes the client will want to see, the progamme could be achievable, but equally could be too optimistic.

We will report on how everything aligns, can decisions be made?, can the programme be supported by the design team?

Is the Contractor going to blame “others” for a delay to a programme which was never achievable?

Potential risks

Highlight where design decisions need to be made to allow the required progress.

Look at the Contractor’s procurement, does it align with the programme and design development.

If the contractor is trying to procure subcontractors on a “just in time” basis, then the design will have been completed, any changes the subcontractor wants to make will cause friction and upset the team.

Value Enginering

A good Value Engineering exercise will be run much like a Failure Mode and effect Analysis, asking basic questions and developing an analysis.

The analysis should not only report the potential saving but also the cost of achieving the saving, cost could be loss of morale as well as money.

The client should be left in a clear position, he should understand what and why he is paying for most of the features of the project.


A simple audit against the requirements of PAS 1192, conclusion in a sumary report.

The report will also look at the quality of the 2D output as well as the records of the federated model workshops (clash detection)

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