Help for Architects

Improve your Control

History of D&B and what is important

A short look at the history of D&B, the significant changes and when they occurred.


Understanding D&B contracts (both JCT and NEC)

Understand there commitments of the contractor, can provide a better understanding of what you are being asked to do.

Working with a Contractor

The contractors procurement methods.

Helping a contractor to develop and integrate the design programme.

Considering output and working with subcontractors.

We can assess and provide a critique on the design of your project, checking that the design complies with the brief.


Producing better construction information

A look at producing clearer construction information.

Standard drafting methods and notation, do you know and use them all?

Increasing your profit margin

Getting it “right first time”.

Developing that relationship with then contractor.



Why is it so expensive?

What do you really have to produce?

Why are you allowing the wrong requirements to be included in your appointment?

What is a BIM audit going to do and what should it show?


Are you selling yourselves?


Social Media

Could modern social media help your marketing?

If you do not use social media, what are you missing?

Can we help you?

If you feel we could help you please get in touch.